Getting a secured credit card

What is a Secured Credit Card?

A secured credit card is significantly similar to a traditional credit card, with the notable exception of requiring an initial deposit. Secured credit cards are offered when a customer provides an amount of money as a security deposit. This deposit will be considered collateral in case the customer fails to repay the amount that is due per month. Customers can offer savings accounts as collateral instead of a cash deposit if desired.

The credit line for a secured card will be based on the potential user's income, the size of the security deposit and the ability to pay back the borrowed money. For example, if a user offers 1,000 CAD as the security deposit, the monthly available credit will be 1,000 CAD. However, this amount can be higher or lower considering the user's income and the ability to pay back. A secured credit card works just like regular credit card. It can be used to purchase items at supermarkets or online retail sites. Secured credit cards may even be accepted for certain transactions that do not usually allow credit card payments, such as booking a hotel room. Just like regular credit cards, secured credit cards require monthly payments with interest. The amount in the security deposit does not count as monthly payments.

Who Should Get a Secured Credit Card?

Anyone can get a secured credit card provided that they offer a deposit. However, they are most beneficial to people with bad credit or people who have no credit history. Borrowers who do not qualify for traditional credit cards based on credit history can apply for a secured credit card. As there's collateral involved, banks are less hesitant to approve these. Secured credit cards are particularly suited for new borrowers, like those who have recently graduated from college and have never taken out a loan before. A secured credit card is a good starting point to build up a credit history, and later be qualified for bigger loans. Secured credit cards undergo periodic reviews by the issuing institution. Holders who get good marks on these reviews can cash in on the deposit and get a conventional credit card.

Borrowers with bad credit can use a secured credit card to rebuild credit history. Responsible use of a secured credit card can improve previously low credit standings, and qualify such borrowers for loans unavailable to them before, such as mortgages or car loans. With improved credit history, borrowers can often get low interest rates on important loans. Also, secured credit cards are a good alternative for reducing hefty debt, such as those incurred by payday loans.

How to Get a Secured Credit Card in Canada

In Canada, applying for a secured credit card is very similar to applying for a regular credit card. Secured credit cards are available from most major and small banks, credit unions and some financial institutions operating in Canada. Requirements for applying will vary depending on who's issuing the card. In general, applicants must be citizens or legal residents of Canada, be considered a legal adult in the province or territory of residence, and be able provide a verifiable source of income. Previous credit history is not a major factor. Some major banks offer secured credit cards to foreign nationals who have no credit history in Canada, such as international students and temporary residents. Requirements for these applicants may differ from requirements for Canadian nationals.

Applicants must be prepared to offer details regarding monthly expenditures and loan payments prior to approval. Documents proving a permanent address in Canada will also be necessary. Most secured credit card applications do not ask for a fee or an advance unlike for prepaid credit cards. Here are some examples of secured credit cards Canadians can apply for:

Learn about secured credit cards, an alternative to prepaid credit cards and borrowing money from non-traditional lenders:

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